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Step-by-Step Prosthodontics - Certified course with video tutorials


– A dental prosthetics course

Procedural diagrams, innovative treatment solutions, answers to clinical problems and dilemmas

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The only certified course with video tutorials

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The course includes:

Complete set of five manuals

Each manual is comprehensive with 80 pages of techniques on specific cases and clinical solutions in difficult situation with specific and interdisciplinary range of subjects. Descriptions of good and bad practices will help you to avoid mistakes and implement appropriate practices to improve work in your practice.

Five accompanying DVDs

Each manual is accompanied by a DVD with instructional videos and images. On the DVD you will also find diagnostic methods and treatment techniques described by our expert in each step. Additionally, you'll be presented with ways to work with specific tools and materials.

Detailed contents list:


Module 1: Ceramic veneers


  • 1. Definition and types of veneers
  • 2. Indications and contraindications in the use of veneers
  • 2.1 Occlusion and veneers
  • 2.2 Veneers and periodontal disease
  • 2.4 Veneers and endodontic treated teeth
  • 2.5 Veneers and lateral incisors

  • 3. Analysis of smile aesthetics issues
  • 3.1 Principles of smile design
  • 3.2 Harmony and symmetry of the face
  • 3.3 Natural proportions in the aesthetics of the face and teeth
  • 3.4 Parameters length and width of the teeth relative to the sex and age of the patient
  • 3.5 Objective and subjective testing criteria
  • 4. Clinical management
  • 4.1 Preparation for veneers
  • 4.2 Diagnostic wax-up
  • 4.3 Silicone index
  • 4.4 Mock-up
  • 4.5 Possibilities and limitations
  • 4.6 Selection of colour (translucency of enamel, age, lighting conditions, shade guide)
  • 4.7 Principles of preparation, types of tools
  • 4.8 Receding gums
  • 4.9 Accurate impressions
  • 4.10 Virtual Impressions
  • 5. Cements and dental cementing principles
  • 6. Laboratory procedures
  • 6.1 Types of dental ceramics
  • 6.2 Methods of implementating veneers
  • 7. Advantages and disadvantages of veneers
  • 8. Complications in the use of veneers
  • 9. Clinical Cases


  • 1. Treatment planning for using the veneers
  • 2. The tools and materials for the veneer
  • 3. Preparing Classic Veneers
  • 4. Minimally invasive tooth preparation techniques
  • 5. The impression

  • 6. Temporary security
  • 7. Cementation


Module 2: Ceramic crowns and bridges


  • Materials used in making ceramic crowns and bridges – feldspar, aluminum, leucite, lithium disilicate, zirconium
  • Indications and contraindications for making crowns and ceramic bridges
  • Preparation for crowns and ceramic bridges
  • Occlusal records

  • Making temporary restorations
  • Laboratory procedures for permanent ceramic restorations
  • Placement of ceramic restorations
  • Clinical case analysis


  • Step-by-step instructions for using fiberglass inserts in endodontically-treated teeth
  • Tooth preparation for ceramic restorations
  • Placement of dental retraction chords/materials
  • Implementation of occlusal registration

  • Preparation of the ceramic restoration surface ready for cementation
  • Preparation of the abutment tooth with a bonding system.
  • Cementing of ceramic restorations


Module 3: Basic implant prosthetics


  • Types of prosthetic structures supported by endosseous implants
  • Impression techniques: open tray and closed tray
  • Laboratory procedures
  • Immediate restoration with laboratory-made prosthesis

  • Checking/maintaining prosthetic restorations as part of your after care


  • Unscrew the healing abutments
  • Selection of impression transfers
  • Selection and preparation of standard trays
  • Taking silicone impressions with an open tray
  • Taking silicone impressions with a closed tray

  • Tightening analogues to impression transfers
  • Correct torquing of the abutments
  • Placement of prosthetic restorations on implants
  • Checking the occlusion of the prosthetic restorations


Module 4: Occlusion in dental practice


  • Basic definitions: occlusion, centric relation, lateral guidance, canine guidance, occlusal vertical dimension, resting vertical dimension
  • Conditions of proper occlusion
  • Establishing and recording the correct centric relationship

  • Use of facebow and articulator and articulation for prosthetic treatment
  • Check for occlusion of finished prosthetic restorations
  • Clinical case analysis


  • Establishing and recording the correct centric relationship
  • Recording the registration in a centric relationship
  • The use of an articulator
  • Checking occlusion in edentulous patients

  • Choosing the reference plan and attaching the bite fork


Module 5: Biofunctional methods for treating edentulous patients


  • General information about biofunctional methods
  • Anatomical impressions and preliminary determination of centric relation
  • Using gothic arch tracing to capture vertical dimension of occlusion and centric relation

  • Laboratory procedures
  • Fitting complete dentures and providing post operative instructions to patients


  • Anatomical impressions and registration of the centric relation in an edentulous patient using an occlusal registration material
  • Mounting the facebow with the occlusal registration material
  • Closed mouth functional impression

  • Occlusal records using Gothic arch tracing
  • Recording the occlusal planes

Sample video

Preparation for a veneer - case I

Preparation for a veneer - case II

Taking a dental impression

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The course is divided into 5 different modules, each one consisting of one expert-written manual and an accompanying DVD. Modules are delivered to your door over the course of a year, giving you time to digest all of the information. With each part of the course you will receive a separate invoice for the amount of £50.00 + VAT + P&P

The only certified course with instructional videos

Step-By-Step Dental Prosthodontics is a publication for practitioners of interdisciplinary practice. It consists of clear guidelines and demonstrates how to handle complications and deal with tricky situations. It also takes you through examples of bad practice in the dental surgery. Details of the treatments are presented on our expert-led instructional videos. Our manuals and DVDs contain comments, tips, expert advice, as well as the specific names of the tools and materials used.

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