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Practical physiotherapy and rehabilitation magazine


Join the subscribers of the only practical magazine presenting the most effective rehabilitation methods as well as case studies with specific rehabilitation programmes.

Practical Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Magazine is the first magazine on the market to present specific case studies with patients along with recommendations, exercises and rehabilitation programmes. Subscribe today if you:

  • Need to diagnose effectively, choose the right method of rehabilitation and, most of all, recommend practical exercises for the patient
  • Are looking for patient-specific case studies, step-by-step illustrations and helpful images
  • Are interested in case studies covering best practice from the first presentation of symptoms, to the diagnosis, to the specific choice of rehabilitation plan
  • Want access to expert step-by-step guides through PNF stretching, the Mulligan concept, Kinesiology taping, Ackermann manual therapy, Bobath approach, Kaltenborn method, McKenzie MDT, through to the Cyriax method.

The magazine was created because of the genuine needs of physiotherapists searching for case studies tested in treatment rooms.

In our Bi-monthly magazine, prepared by a team of experts under the supervision of our editorial board, we present, amongst other subjects:

  • Guidelines and proven solutions for effective rehabilitation methods, including: PNF stretching; the Mulligan concept; Kinesiology taping; Ackermann manual therapy; Bobath approach; Kaltenborn method; McKenzie MDT; and the Cyriax method.
  • Photographs showing specific exercises, including descriptions of the situations in which the exercises perform best.
  • Specific conditions patients present with, from diagnosis, recommendations for rehabilitation, to ready-made handouts of tips and sets of exercises that you can copy and pass on
  • Guidance on the most frequently-reported issues requested by our readers, including orthopedics and traumatology, rehabilitation in neurology cases and after neurosurgery, and posture and scoliosis.
  • The latest developments in the field of rehabilitation and physiotherapy worldwide.

Practical Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation will help you to:

Keep up-to-date with best practice

Put into practice new and innovative techniques for working with difficult cases

Implement combined therapies to improve recovery time for your patients

Develop your knowledge with access to advice from renowned experts

Why take out a subscription?

  • We guarantee a complete set of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic solutions, taking into account arance of physiotherapeutic methods so that you can effectively respond to the problems that patients report.
  • The high standard of our magazine is guaranteed by the editorial board, which supervises the content of our published material.
  • Access to case studies, in which break down the most difficult problems and give tips on how to deal with them in practice. We present case studies based on real examples of conditions that children and adults report to physiotherapists.

In the upcoming issues we cover the following issues, using pictures and drawings, including effective solutions to help patients recover:

With your annual subscription you will receive:

  • 6 magazine issues,
    over 50 clinical case studies,
    over 60 practical articles written by our expert panel.
  • Access to the most reliable reports in the field of diagnosis and treatment to improve your recovery times.
  • On our online portal you’ll have access to all of the tools and documents from previous issues. You will also find additional bonus materials to supplement your magazine subscription.

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Reviews about the magazine

The magazine has really helped me keep abreast of new treatments and best practices. The step-by-step photographs mean I can start using them straight away too!

Matthew Minter

Practical Physiotherapy Magazine gives me practical, step-by-step advice on specific treatments, supported by helpful photos. It has really improved my practice and professional confidence.

Rachel Alonzo

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