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Early Years Leader Magazine

Early Years Leader

Learning, development & assessment in the EYFS

Early Years Leader magazine is perfect for you if you:

Are a leader in Early Years and want to broaden your knowledge and skills to improve your performance
Want to keep up-to-date with the latest working practices and innovative solutions in Early Years, tested by experts in Early Years learning, psychology and teaching methodology
Want to access creative ideas for engaging activities, supplemented with ready-made activities and worksheets prepared by practitioners
Are looking for best practice teaching strategies tailored to the needs of either gifted children, or those with special needs such as ADHD or developmental disorders.
Subscribe today to this essential magazine for those working with children in Early Years.

This practical magazine will facilitate the day-to-day work of Early Years leaders with:

  • Current materials for Early Years leaders’ everyday work, including scenarios with learning cards

  • Explanations and practical advice from our expert practitioners on using the latest teaching methods

  • Practical information on the development of very young children, plus appealing activities for Early Years settings

  • Articles that enhance and update the knowledge of Early Years leaders in delivering the EYFS and early learning goals

  • The opinions and recommendations of experienced EYFS specialists.

Regular features:

  • Time-saving activity sheets
    sample exercises for working with children. Materials such as activities, schemes of work and flash cards prepared for daily teaching activities covering the most up-to-date topics.

  • Legal updates for Early Years educators
    keep up-to-date with changes to law and guidance with our regular round-ups.

  • Professional development
    materials to broaden the knowledge and skills of Early Years leaders so that they can support the professional development and effective work of Early Years practitioners. Helpful hints on public speaking, voice projection and leadership skills, plus knowledge-enhancing materials about the development of speech and motor skills.

  • Working with every child
    a variety of inclusive working methods to support each child in the seven areas of learning and development, plus best practice ideas to support each child's communication and language, physical, personal, social and emotional development.

What are the benefits of the website?

Constant access to the magazine archive
Ready-made editable tools and documents that are essential to your work, such as example activities
Instant access to magazine content on your tablet and smartphone

What makes our magazine stand out?


Ready-to-use tools for working with Early Years children in the form of ready-made activities and worksheets.


It gives you proven solutions to deliver the seven areas of learning and development, plus early learning goals, for Early Years children, tested by experienced Early Years practitioners


Created in response to real needs reported by Early Years practitioners


It is created exclusively by Early Years practitioners specializing in different methods of working with children.

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